Anythings problem with immigration in indonesia

If u have problem with visa or travel document in indonesia. Mybe i can help

Hello. Id like to extend my stamp as no flight is flying to my country from here and to safe keep from the global pandemic. Thank you.

Hello. I came to indonesia for a visit. My stamp expires soon and id like to extend it as my country is not accepting flights from here and also trying to safe guard from the global pandemic.  Thank you

Eben Yelson :

Hello. I came to indonesia for a visit. My stamp expires soon and id like to extend it as my country is not accepting flights from here and also trying to safe guard from the global pandemic.  Thank you

Go to the nearest immigration office as soon as possible and explain the situation. I gather most are being granted emergency visas, but you should report or you may face problems upon leaving the country.

Agree with Fred. Immigration is basically extending the Visas of all foreigners, but you'll need to visit an immigration department before your visa expires to avoid potential fines.

Nice to hear from you gentlemen. Please let me explain my case further. My country is visa free to indonesia.  For this reason i was just given a stamp and not visa upon arrival which they say per their policy stamp permits are not renewable unless visa on arrival. But this is a special issue here. My country not accepting flights from many countries and do not want to expose my self to the virus so im looking at staying for few more weeks so by then the epidemic would have capsided and would now be safe to travel. I really do need assistance.

As I understand it, all VOAs, including free ones, are being extended if travel is impossible. If there are flights, it probably won't be extended.

This is what was sent to us at work (im working from home)

A NOTICE ... MINISTRY OF LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF IMMIGRATION JI.  H.R.  Rasuna Said Kav.  X-6 No.  8 Jakarta Selatan Telephone (021) 5224658, Facsimile (021) 5225032 Pages: NOTIFICATION NOTIFICATION Dear.  Head of Immigration Offices throughout Indonesia While awaiting the issuance of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation concerning additional policies of the Indonesian government related to the crossing of people from and to Indonesia, which became effective on March 20, 2020 at 00.00 West Indonesia Time, herewith is conveyed as follows: a.  Provide an explanation to the public that immigration does not excuse departure of foreigners who will leave Indonesian territory as long as there is no legal reason;  b.  For foreigners who are in Indonesian territory and affected by the Lockdown due to the corona virus can be granted a Stay Permit in a forced state;  c.  An application for a forced state of residence permit can be submitted at the local Immigration Office;  d.  The Immigration Office does not refuse the application for a permit to stay under conditions of necessity according to the provisions in force, to be processed after the enactment of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation in question.  This was conveyed to be implemented as it should.  Thank you for your attention and cooperation.  Jakarta, March 19, 2020 a.n.  Plt.  Director General of Immigration Director of Immigration Traffic Signed Cucu Koswala II

Also received this, although its mainly towards UK expats it may be of use to other nationals.....

You will have seen that we updated our travel advice again overnight; while we have not changed the overall level of our advice, we have strengthened the wording that Brits who wish to leave should do so now.  The travel advice also reflects that non-essential Embassy staff and all dependents have now left Indonesia.  As you all know, flight options from Indonesia (both Jakarta and Denpasar) are reducing on a daily basis.

I am grateful to those of you who flagged the problems with Immigration around the Emergency Stay Permit for Brits.  We are working with the DG Immigration on Jakarta to try to bottom this out, including asking Immigration to waive the requirement for a letter from the Embassy if Emergency Stay Permits can be issued to Brits.  I will keep you all updated.


I'm unsure, visa permitting, it's much of an idea for Brits to leave Indonesia in favour of Blighty.
The UK seems to be in a far poorer position than Indonesia is in, both in the actual illness, and the level of stupidity coronapanic is causing.
However, horses for courses.

Very true with regards to panic purchases, selfish
Its a case of individual choice i guess with regards to stay or leave
The wife has suggested as a plan Z, i leave with kids to the UK, (although she has a visa for the uk its currently useless)mainly because of the far superior health care in the UK and the death rate here is far higher than many places
Im almost certain it wont come to that, and it becoming more likely to a lockdown choices will have to be made soon
Extemely quiet here but i take that as a positive, bars closing here till april, and i think thats a wise move
All ferry with immigration closed and flights out down about 50% (jakarta to manchester gave117 options on skyscanner 49 today, for monday)
Only a month or so to ramadan and that will cause huge issues here with limited chance with travel  etc will be a very testing time and will get a lot worse before it improves

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