My 2 year old daughter is missing.

She was playing with a 10 year old relative yesterday 23 Aug 13.
The 10 year old left her alone for 5 minutes to go buy some rice
and when she returned she couldn't find the baby.  She looked everywhere for about 4 and a half hours then returned home crying.

My wife was on her way back to Thailand having left her daughter
with her sister to take care of.  When she got the news she returned to Phnom Penh arriving at 1130PM last night.

Our daughters name is Nicki she is an adorable 2 year old.

My wifes' name is Sokha.  Her telephone number in Cambodia is
855 9785 19833.  Sokha has contacted the police and of course
the family is out looking. 

If anyone has experience with missing children please call
Sokha and see what you can do to help.

Sincere Thanks,
Barry Finch
+66 81 883 4677 Telephone in Thailand

..so sorry to hear this..

What a sorrowful incident...Just a suggestion, maybe you should post a photo of your child here?...

Oh My God... this is so painful incident.
I pray to God to find your baby soon!!!!
Did you inform the US embassy?
Be courageous, she will be OK for sure.
God bless her!

Hi Barry Finch,

Sorry to read what happened regarding your daughter

Have you tried to report the issue to the police department or to US embassy ? Bring some documents as proof of her identity and a photo of her

You can post in the Missing people in Cambodia please

I hope she is okay and that you already getting support and help from the authorities over there !

Thank you

Expat-Blog Team

Thanks Max,

I just returned from a trip to get my wife and daughter.  As it
turns out my wife's ex abducted the baby and my wife was able to
convince him to give the baby back as she could take better care
of Nikki than her husband.  On the way to get them I had a very
serious auto accident and was broadsided by a 10 wheel truck.  I
am very lucky to be alive and have just spent seven days in the
hospital.  I have 6 broken ribs and alot of bruises.  Thanks for
your concern and advice in this matter.
God Bless,

Is your daughter missing in Phnom Penh?

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