Employment Approval Doubt

I read in the Immigration webpage of Maldives that all people coming to Maldives for work require an Employment Approval to be able to enter the country.

I have my Work Permit copy which was sent to me by my employer. 
They said I just need to show it at the Immigration officer with my Passport.

Is this work permit my EA? Or is it a different document my employer must send me?

Any help will be highly appreciated.



hahaha thanks Mooch, I just had another look at my work permit... Silly me haha

Hi sir , I have a EA from my agent but it looks fake please help me with thisi will send u a copy of my EA if u have time to look in to that

tell me one thing how do i chek that the approval letter is ok??

have you got your answer??

How can i check the status of my work visa

Sir my self MOHD Akbar khan from India .i want to check my EA number RW2315*** and my pasport num is N9484*** pleas check my status emmidately .this is true or false pleas             Thank u,

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Hello please we manpower agency from Ghana we are expecting 17 employment approval from Maldives agent we want to know how to check if it genuine or fake

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