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We are welcoming interested persons that are currently in any of the EU countries and would like to start mobile airtime and remittance distributorship business for the Bangladeshi diaspora within. Needs strong interpersonal communication skill and initial small investment capacity
Pl. drop a mail to contactus[at]cloudwell.co or call +8801711594659 if you are interested.


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Can you please give us more details about your project?

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Sure David.
We are a Retail payments network established in various locations of Bangladesh, we are looking for partners around the world in countries where there are significant Bangladeshi people working. The job is to set up retail outlets by contracting with existing merchant entities in the neighborhood where the immigrants or labors stay. We will provide a POS like terminal and/or an Android App against an enrollment fee for each outlet that will be activated by the dealer partner. The services are mainly remittance, mobile talktime and ecommerce orders that will be sent to home country by those Bangladeshis. The outlet will cater these services through a prepaid account with the dealer, the dealer will also have a prepaid account with us. All accounting will be managed in our platform and the payment records will be based on bank transfer as per our guidance.
There will be a margin on every product that will be shared by the dealer and the retailers.
We can discuss furthur if you kindly share your details and level of your interest.


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