Starting a company, whats the deal ?

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I plan a move to Cambodia next year and thinking on register a company, any info about cost, and what is needed to do that would be appreciated.

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Perhaps this thread might help ->

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hi, it depends on what type of business... i read the link above and frankly i personally wasnt asked about most of those things ...all i did was  to go to the ministry of commerce with my rental agreement, passport copy and few pictures . it costed 250$

Hello, everybody!
Me and my husband are thinking of opening a small snacks tea-coffee corner in PP. What are the paper requirements for this kind of business? The info I went through until now has been pretty confusing...we are going to operate it ourselves (including sales and service), do we need actually working permits actually or cafe registration Or BOTH? Register it where? pay taxes where whom and how much?...
Aaliyah, what kind of company have you registered, if that's not a secret?
Additionally, if any expat works in Cambodia as a freelance teacher/counsellor etc, without renting a space and stuff, does one require any work permit or any other papers apart from business visa?
Sorry for so many questions at once!..And Thanks in advance!

hi, i've registered a fashion studio

i guess the best idea would be to ask at the ministry of commerce itself  about all that u need cz it may differ from business to business

but freelance or not u still need the residency proof..where will your office be?.. on the street ?
taxes at the tax department, usually 10 % of your rental agreement plus some %of your income ,i dont know how much.

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Hi, Aaliyah! Thanks a lot for your reply!..

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