Got job offer in oil&gas company in Abu Dhabi.

Hi Malaysians,

I am going to Abu Dhabi this coming 14th Sept 2013.Got job offer in oil&gas company in Abu Dhabi.

My main concern is the accommodation.If you've any advise,feel free to advise me.

Any other medium we can interact besides this forum?


Hello Nasrul.

Welcome to :)

I would invite you to consult the offers in the housing section or even post an advert there.


Karen :)

Hi nasrul.
Dpt kerja mana? Ruwais or abu dhabi?
Normally company where u will be working should provide the accommodation. Pls check.
AnyWay, welcome bro.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your response. Have a nice day ;)

Hi Reidz,

Thanks bro.I got job offer from Shell Iraq but based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai consultant office.

Where you working at bro? Senang2 boleh jumpa nnt kat sana

Salam nasrul,
Am working with Adnoc kje office base ke? Bler plan dtg sini? Dh smpi nnt roger2 la since malaysian x ramai kt sini but the population is growing.dtg sorg ke nanti? My number 0506107412.

Hello reidz > i would invite you to write in English please, in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand.

Thank you very much,
Christine team

Salam...hye..please advice me about this city, coz last week I get offer from takree company and I can bring my fmily with me.i want to know about the apartment and how the condition..I really worried if I go with my fmily and they do not comfortable.and one more if someone from takree refining company please advice me..thanks

Salam and Hi All,

Im also a newbie in this Abu dhabi community and Adnoc family. Thanks to the team for creating this site to get people together. Just been here for a month. Will be getting my house soon.

Hope to meet u guys esp Reidz and Nasrul. btw reidz are u site base or office base?

Nasrul if u are looking for a house theres a Malay agent called Cikgu Zambri. I can pass u his phone no. PM me if u want his no.

Salam to all Malaysians.

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin.

It's been a year not to open this forum. Sorry about that.

So far AUH is treating my family and I very well. Happen to be CIkgu Zamri was the one who helped me out to find a house here. Now I am living in KCA. May I know your fullname? Might be we bumped each other any events here.Hehe

My mobile no 055-277 6391. Please leave your name and your company's name when ever leave your SMS or Whatsapp. Thank you. Cheers! :)

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the response.

Hi Wawan,

How are you? Still with Takreer? Where do you live?

What kind of job you got offer there?> xx

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Muhammad Farooq

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