I am looking for a furnished flats for rent. we are 4 persons and our budget hi $1000 to $1200.  Please let me know if you have any one.

Hello dellme :) 

I invite to consult the accomodation offers of this section -> Flats for rent in Singapore

It might help :)


Karen :)

There is no apartment available anywhere in Singapore for S$1000-1200/month rent.
If your budget is 4 x S$1000-1200, so S$4000-4800/month, you can find a nice place (and a simpler one for S$2500/month or so). Check the classified ads on this and other sites!

Is there any master room available in this price?
budget is $1000 to $1200.

Yes, for ONE or at most TWO people - not for FOUR in a room!

I am Graphic Designer and other 3 re IT related but we need a Master shared room for max/$300.Is that possible in any way?

Sorry, that is impossible!
The cheapest rooms (big enough for two, but not four people) cost around S$700-800 and are NOT master bedrooms (you'd have to pay S$200-300 more for that, and it would still not allow four people).

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