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Salaam All,
I am new here in riyadh.I need to buy a car bcz every day i am spending 30 to 40 SAR on transport.My range is like 850 to 900.
Please suggest some options?and the procedure too.
as far my search i found the following
1-Nissan Sunny
2-geely CX7&8
4-cerato 2013
awaiting replies
thanks & regards,

id take a mazda 3 out of those personally.

thx for replying...but why the geely cars are so much cheeper.
check tis

because they are china crap cars.

I'd personally stay away from Chinese cars, they feel cheap and they usually aren't too safe. With time they might improve like the Korean cars sort of did, I just don't think they're that good yet.

If you're looking for the best resale value, I believe the Kia would be on top.

If you're looking for the most reliable, I think the Nissan or the Mazda would be better.

You should see them all, sit in them to get a sense of what it would be like to drive.
If you have a family, put the front seat in your normal driving position and compare the space in the backseats [compare the size of the boot], maybe one of them has more room.
Check the options on each of them in the same price range (electric windows, sunroof, etc.) and see if one of them has something you like that the others don't.

try accent or echo or some cheaper chevrolet models in your range.. i remember there is a v low cost chevrolet sedan in around SR 45000 price range. try that in installments.

Sudheer Kumar wrote:

even me i am also spending all most 45 SR on a daily basis. i am expected to get a car loan for second hand vehicles is it possible in riyadh ? and what are the documents required? down pay ment?

Those who knows any thing abt let me know.

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