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I'm an American student and looking to work/study/travel abroad after I graduate in a few months. I have no idea what I'm doing after I graduate and I'm nervously/excitedly keeping my options open. Part of me is considering pursuing another degree abroad while another part of me is considering finding a job abroad (or, possibly, doing both).

A dream of mine is to work in Bhutan, but I'm keeping all options open at the moment.

Feel free to talk to me about anything. I'm an open book and I love making new friends from all over the world.

Hi CalMachine !

Welcome to!


if u want to work in Bhutan then u cant directly come here and work u should be sent from your country. but you can come and visit Bhutan you ll really enjoy and you even dont feel that your away from ur home if any information about Bhutan then you can mail me in parashtiwari[at] have a nice day ahead.

hi dear
it  great to hear to work in Bhutan. Bhutan is very peaceful country and you have many oppourtunities to live in bhutan

just keep your option broad and I am a  Bhutanese and live in bhutan only. help to serve you better?

Reach ne at my mail: tsheringmc[at]

my  contact# 0097517368822

Hi somcring,

Thank you for the sharing of information. Feel free to share them on the Bhutan Forum please as it might be useful and helpful for the other members as well :)

Thank you

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