Where can I teach yoga without a 4 year degree?

Hello all, I would like to teach yoga somewhere in Asia. I will have my yoga teacher training certificate soon. I don't have a 4 year degree, and I realize some countries will only allow me to work legally if I have a degree. I also realize that some countries(like Vietnam) will waive the 4 year degree requirement for certain jobs where a "professional certificate" is more appropriate. 

It is hard to find information on this subject. I can't even find proof that yoga teaching is indeed one of these exceptions in Vietnam. Other countries I'm interested in include China, Laos, and Cambodia. I do know that after 5 years of experience I will be able to teach yoga in Taiwan. I know Japan is off limits.

So which countries can I teach yoga in without a degree?

Thanks in advance,


Google search 'yoga schools Laos' and you will find plenty of places you could contact for potential work.

Try adriannevincent[at]me.com website or an email to another school info[at]vientianeyoga.com

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