need your feedback

Hello friends,

I need your feedback about following issue.

I am an Indian. I have a job offer by employer in Riyadh. following are the details of d same.

Designation: Planning engineer
location: Riyadh
Salary: SAR 7500/month
family status: single
Accommodation: at my cost
visa status: Labor

I have following questions in my minds

1)Is offer is Good
2)Company can not provide me an engineer visa so shall I accept labor visa
3)What are the limitations of labor visa compared to engineer visa.
4)How is life in Riyadh for expat
5) I am aware that there is no source of entertainment but can we at least use internet, cellphones or watch TV in Riyadh?

Please guide me over this.

Hi adighumare88,

The offered salary is Okay. A planning engineer having 2-4 years experience [presuming], should get 6000 to 8000 SAR + Visa, Flight and Medical.
The type of profession offered is considerable as it has no major difference and/or benefits than any other professions. Unless you have plans to bring your family/kids, invite your parents and send huge amount of money back to you country.
Life in Saudi Arabia for south Asian expats is good, and you'll find thousands of your own country/state fellows already working here in KSA. Im sure you wouldnt find stranded in the Kingdom
Saudi Arabia has all the mentioned entertainment sources available 24/7.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia :)

Hi Muhammad Aamer,

Thank you for your feedback.

I have no plans to bring my family to KSA.

But planning to send back some money back to home if possible to save:)

Then you should go for it

And Saudi Arabia is very good, stable job market, best for saving ;)

Do let me know if there is anything I can help

Dude..labor Visa is an issue... big one !!! Under Labor visa I guess u can't invite any of ur family members to visit here...

But I guess bigger one is the govt had started crackdown on the many ill visa practices including visa & qualification mismatch ( this crackdown has been suspended till Nov under King's amnesty)

Atleast in the Bank I work, they had officially asked all 3rd party contract workers to set there visa profession right..

You may send personal message to HRGuru or Legendheads on this forum to get most accurate advice on the visa issue..

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