Finding the best steak house in Saigon

I can not find any good steak restaurant in Saigon, steak in many restaurants is so tough and i could not swallow them. Could you help me find good steak houses or restaurants that have good one, i mean tender steak.


This is truly a great place to eat

5D Nguyen Sieu, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ill vouch for that,prices arent too bad either:P

This place sounds awesome, I will try it out.

Steaks are very personal food. How do you take your steaks?
I have mine very rare, with blood dripping and mustard.
Most Vietnamese outlets prepare well done or burnt and drown your meat with gravy
You are expected to bring the red  back with tomato kitchup  :(

I heard about el Gaucho, its relly good, you also have le Steak de Saigon with cheap price.

Here is the menu

Did you ever try at Alfresco Group Restaurant? ....They have a chain in HCM.

They can delivery also.


VungTauDon :

Here is the menu

Thank you Don, first the bakery and now the steak. Life is good.

Would u like to try alfresco, it sounds delicious :)

New York Steak House is excellent, you should give it a try

Tried El Gaucho on October 5th, very disappointed.Very expensive for a VNese place as well. Music was so loud we could not speak, steak was undercooked, salad was good but small for the price, sauteed mushroom were dry. The platting was the worst I'd ever experienced at a place that cost $100 for two people. And with water no less. Will never return.

I have found just the place for you.
I came across it by accident last week. I had just dropped two Aussie ladies off at the Silk Showroom in Mac Dinh Chi st District 1 and then went across the road looking for breakfast pho when Kim spotted the beefsteak place. Now I hate Vietnamese beefsteak joints because the meat was killed that morning and its tough as old boots but she says no their beef is from Australia so as it was mid morning I decided to have a steak for breakfast. It came on a sizzling hot plate with grilled tomatoes, onions, fried egg, a meatball and a perfectly cooked tender piece of steak whole, not cubed but whole as we get downunder. I was stoked to say the least as this is a rare find in Saigon outside the 5 star hotels. Price was 156,000d Thats 150,000d for the steak and 6000d for the fried egg as an extra. They didn't have a business card so I will go back and photograph the place with their address too. I will keep you posted.

Thanks D.P. sounds great I'll have to try it. Took the miss's out for her retirement celebration last night to an all you can eat Brazilian buffet down in D1 I think it is. It was pretty darn good. I had to stop eating before they finished serving all the meat selection. You know those Brazilian grills just keep bringing a different meat to your table on skewers. I'll have to ask her if she know where the place is you speak of.
By the way you looked great in the Santa suit. That looked like fun. It appeared to be at a home for children, no?

That photo was taken in the childrens ward of the Saigon Cancer Hospital in Binh Thanh District. I have been Santa to the hospital every year since 2009. I buy presents for all the children and give the parents money for xmas.
To give you some idea of what it is like there, that room you see is equivalent to a 4 bed ward room in a Western style hospital. In Saigon there will be between 40 and 50 people sleeping in that room, under the beds and all across the floor. You should see the kids faces light up when Santa enters the room. and then when I take my hat off and underneath Santa has a shiny smooth head too, well that is met with cheers and clapping.

  That is so wonderful. I'd love to be able to go with you sometime.

Everyone is welcome to join me in my charity work. Are you in HCMC? I will be going to Ben Tre this Sunday to distribute food and medicine. PM if you wish to come.

That is awesome work you're doing, Pierre.

My two dongs' worth :

New York steakhouse
nice but expensive. Nice decor. Quiet

El Gaucho
nice, a bit less expensive. Can be quite packed and noisy.

Corso Steakhouse (Norfolk Hotel)
the steak with truffle sauce smells awesome. I think it is reasonably priced (was there for a corporate function)

cheaper but no good

My recommendation will be El Gaucho

I am going to throw this out there for steak lovers. I will be flying from Melbourne after my show there on 27th Nov with some cryovaced fillet beefsteak. Who is interested in a BBQ on the Sat night 30th Nov. I will do it at what it costs as a Lettuce tomato and onion salad with Italian dressing and home style potato chips. BYOG.
I have access to a rooftop BBQ area, see photo with magnificent views of the city at night.
I may have to sling the buildings owners family a free invite for the use of the rooftop but that can be absorbed in the costing.
This is the rooftop BBQ area:
This is the view from the rooftop:
Let me know what you guys think of the idea.

I tried steak at Hard Rock cafe in Kumho Asiana building and it was good. Price around 30 USD per person.

Yes bta87 it's so expensive in El Gaucho

I know it's not a steak house as such but No Name French Restaurant serves tender fillet steak with pepper sauce for the princely sum of 80000d. Lamb fillet with red wine sauce 80000d,  Tuna and egg salad 30000d and crepes with orange sauce 40000d
Just in case you think its a typo thats 80k dong 30k dong and 40k dong

Wild Horse Steakhouse, Thai Van Lung, Saigon

I like Hai Con Bo. Beef is tender.

Today I tried Bonjour Restro in an alley off Pasteur street, D1. Big piece of meat, very tender and well cooked, with pepper sauce, fresh hot bread and french fries [at] 119k.

You can find the ingredient the USA corn fed beef to cook for your family in the weekend.
They open the shop at 145 Ton That Dam, District 1 or you can shop online at

Which alley??  :)

You can find the best steak in Saigon at Vinh Steak 'n Ale, the new kid on the block. While there taste their ales, much better and certainly tastier than beer and hard-to find in Saigon restaurants. Don't forget to try their creme brule for dessert. Just heaven!

El Gaucho
Moo Steakhouse on Dong Khoi
There is one in Deutsche Haus I hear is good

People on this forum speak of poor dining options in Vietnam, I have no idea where they are dining,
There are so many nice places to eat.

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