Hello... does anyone know where I can find some of this amazing stuff? Im also looking for alternative healing... meditation retreats.. spiritual mentoring... etc etc... I live in the centre and hope to be able to find some of this close by... Thank you for your input....

not sure if they'll have it but have you tried Axios health shops?

They have shops in Tamarin, Floreal and Grand Bay. See their web page.

oh... and Quartier Gourmet, Quatre Bornes!

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Were you able to find it?
I really need it as well.


Please do contact me on *** and ii can help you.



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You will find Psyllium husk and lost of great goodies at Quartier Gourmet in Quatre Bornes.  It cost approximately Rs300.  Corner Ave des Capucines / Ave Ylang Ylang, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius. 

Just google the name and you will get more details.

kalowtee :

Were you able to find it?
I really need it as well.

You can have Phyllium husk from Ayurvedic Pharmacy
I bought from Le Hochet Ayurvedic Pharmacy

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