What if we move back to UAE ?? What is the procedure to get it back ??

The license will show as impounded in your RTA account.  To get it back, provided it's valid, you will need to physically go to the Deira branch with a valid UAE residence permit & Emirates ID as well as a copy of the license.

Dear do u know if we deposit our uae license and after some time we go back to uae can we get again uae license

Read my post above.  I have already replied to a similar question just before your post.  Show some courtesy and don't keep asking same question again and again.  Call RTA if you don't want to listen and ask them.

Recently I have tried to change my UAE Driving License in Bahrain,  but the person in reception asked me to bring either a confirmation letter from UAE Driving License authority or a confirmation letter from UAE Embassy in Bahrain. No Idea when they start this rule.

nomis124 :

recently i also  changed my uae driving licence to bahrain.
at that time thhey told me that  ,  i can get my uae driving licence back when i  go  back to uae. is it true?

is they ask you for the letter from uae embassy or letter from UAE Driving License authority??

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