Exercising in Thu Dau Mot/Binh Duong New City

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a personal trainer who could help me with lifting heavy and/or bodyweight exercises in Binh Duong New City for reasonable prices. Thanks!

hard to find trainer with English speaking in Binh Duong. I'm practicing yoga at Minh Sang plaza.wanna join with me?they have Indian yogi,they speak English and have special class,design base on your need.so far,it is best in town

I've heard of that! what kind of yoga do they practice? do they do vinyasa or power yoga? also, what are the fees?

I live in BDNC and it's quite scary for me to drive all the way to Min Sang with my bike, so I prefer if someone came over to help me.

Tried a local gym but all the local guys started gathering around watching me, I think they were amazed there was a girl trying to do weights. very uncomfortable. Also the guy who operated the gym was really nice helping me (didn't speak English) but there was one or two things that he showed me that I felt weren't good form, but I wasn't sure and didn't know who to ask for confirmation.

they have different class,from sahaj yoga to power yoga,astanga. you can join in any class.they don't limit the number of class you take
ly thuong Kiet street have centre for women.they have fitness centre,yoga and belly dance.all women. or thanh LE park also have gym near the pool.may be you should try there. I saw lot of lady practice there too

Christine, thanks a lot for the info. Do you know how much they cost per month?

As for the gym at Thanh Le, I still want a personal trainer to teach me to lift heavy. If possible, I want to learn to lift heavy weights. Do you think they have PTs there?

it should be around 40-50$ per month I think.the price may vary depend on the package.they have 3 months,6 month or one year membership(14 months) and the price will lower if you purchase one year membership. my friend often take 2 class per day.if given that they take two class per day,price will cost less.
not sure about PTs in Thanh Le gym.i haven't try there before.best that you come and double check with them first

The cost for 1 month is 1,600,000 vnd, that includes free t-shirt. The yoga center is very clean, yogis are very accommodating and nice. I've been practicing yoga here for 3 months, and I stopped last April and now I enroll again. There is also treadmill and other exercising machine inside the yoga center.


Sometimes i saw a western girl in pink shirt. is that you???

Hi I just moved to thu dau mot and would like to do some yoga while I'm here. Where is minh sang plaza?

If you need a "xe om " . I take you there . The cost will be 5$ for come and back  :|

Nice to meet someone else who keeps fit.  I just got back from the gym I attend in Cần Thơ.  Sweaty.  Not many there today.   

I feel great after a workout but the experience can be frustrating sometimes.  I'm not competitive about this stuff but I do use really heavy weights, and some guys do feel competitive and almost combative about it; I've had to go out of my way to be friendly with people.  The "alpha male" guy who felt like I was treading on his turf is friendly now, he damn near put out an eye trying to do heavier weights and catch up with me and I grabbed the opportunity by shoving the gawking, smiling idiots out of the way and making sure his eye was OK.  We're buds now.

You'll find that people here don't "get" organization and they will leave the weights underfoot all over the room, sometimes I get a warmup just gathering them back up.  And they have this weird idea about the fans, they tell me that having the fans on makes them cold ... yeah, right, it's 34 bleedin' degrees in there, cold?  Are they nuts?

Air conditioning would be nice.  I've only seen it in a gym in Saigon that from what I hear costs more than most professionals here earn in a month.  Huge.

Im in Thuan An..Im male...tried Yoga once..almost killed me...would consider again.. but...hmmm... scared! ..Not sure my body can stretch! looking for tennis players...and wondering if anyone knows a good gym around here?

redgeperrin :

Im in Thuan An..Im male......and wondering if anyone knows a good gym around here?

There's a gym inside Aeon Mall.
Renaissance spotrs club

Does anyone know of a swimming pool for training purposes in the Thu Dau Mot/Binh Duong New City area? A 25 metre pool with lanes and possibly indoors?

Hi there

I live in Binh Duong new city so there's a gym house in Vsip II expand nearby 27 treet. You can come to see if it help. My cell phone number is *** text me in case you are intersting figure out

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Thanks Jupiter - I will be in touch!

My cell phone number is ***. I love swimming also after work I go there to swim maybe one a week.

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