BOOKS needed - no library here!?

I just arrived in PP on a 2 year contract - well aware that there are no libraries (English) around like the ones I am used to in Australia - so I wonder if there are people out there who can swap books with me and/or allow me to read through their accumulated libraries?
Unfortunately my hobbies are not drinking and smoking but reading obsessively - and I am mildly scared that I can't feed my habit!

Arrived with about 4 books (fiction) and will be getting another 5 or 6 coming in soon - so this is a feeble start for swapping/ sharing and the like.
I am mostly into (well written) crime/contemporary fiction.

I know there is a small French library - but my French is too rusty for that...unfortunately. I read in English or German.

Thanks heaps everyone.


There is this Monument bookstore you can go or you can go to the small shops along the riverside as I believe they sell second and books. There is a private library at Pannasastra University where you can go to, it is free.

Thanks for this!

I've been to the book shops, but didn't know about the Pannasastra University - will check out soon.



I think it is along Norodom street.


came across it today when going to the Pencil supermarket - it's in the same now I know where it is, next time I have some spare time I'll be in there.

Thanks again for your help,



Sorry I am not sure of your gender, however, if you are a female you might consider to join Women International Group Book Club and/or "We speak German" Book Club you can find contacts on the following link

Besides a second hand bookstore you can pick up cheaply photocopied books in Russian Market or at some stools on the riverfront. If you get more then one book you can negotiate price as low as 3 USD. The photocopy book a fine to read.
Second hand book stores are:
D'Book - # 12E street 178, and # 79 street 240
Also try Open book, #41 street 240.
Also a good site to find things in Cambodia
Hope this is of use.
Have a great stay in PP

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