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Hi all!

We might be relocating to Jakarta end of this year (not sure exactly when yet). My husband will be working in both Pulogadung and Kuningan areas. So we are thinking of staying somewhere in Kelapa Gading area. We like this area better than CBD area. What I would like to find help with is finding a good national plus school in this area (Kelapa Gading). Is there such? and with regards to national plus school, is the teaching all in English or only some? I am not quite familiar yet with this new curriculum. My daughter is 6 years old and will attend Primary 1.

As we are still negotiating with the company, if anyone has any idea about housing there, I would also appreciate it. Anyone actually stay around Kelapa Gading area? Are there many housing/apartments around? what is the budget like?

Any help would be appreciated as I really have no idea about these things. I have tried searching online but they don't usually list a price tag there. Thanks all!

Hello Shierly,

Welcome to Jakarta, if you are looking for the national plus or international school near Kelapa gading, the alternative choice are :

1. Global Sevilla International school at Pacuan Kuda Rawamangun,

2. The Gandhi Memorial International School in Sunter
for admission fee :

3. North Jakarta International school, it is a new one in West Kelapa Gading, near Mall of Indonesia

It is better for you to visit the school for finding more information about you needs, location and facilities, environment etc.

About housing or apartment, what kind of facilities that you need?

Enjoy Jakarta :)

Hi shierly,

You should post an advert in the Housing in Jakarta section as it might help :)

Best wishes

Thank you

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Other good options in Kelapa Gading are:

1) Singapore School (for better quality English and academics):
2) Raffles Christian School (for a Christian and small school focus):
3) Penabur International (For Indonesian cultural immersion):

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