Joint/Volunteer of nature and culture activities

Dear All,

I'm Ms. Sopheary from Cambodia. I have work experience in many years of work with nature conservation organizations.

I would like to learn and sharing for nature conservation so during my 3 months holiday i would like to joint/volunteer of nature conservation activities in Belguim?

so where or how do I can ?


Hi Sopheary,

Welcome to Expat-Blog :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Someone at this yoga institute does conservation things.

Someone here might have some good ideas.

I spend some of my free time for serve the city. It is basically a non-profit organization serving the needy (main areas of work are old age homes, victims of abuse shelters, child care homes, etc.). Nature conservation related activities are less I would say in Serve the city.

If you are interested in serving the needy, welcome to servethecity. I can introduce you to the group.

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