Desert trip to see the stars

Anyone interested in a trip out of Riyadh into the desert next week. There is a Meteor shower which peaks around August 11th to 13th. It requires nothing more than the naked eye and as dark as sky as possible.

If anyone is interested please send me a message.


Evening Star

how can i join this trip?

PM me if you have everything setup. I have a Land Cruiser, and if I stay in Riyadh on the 11th I would love to come

Hi.  Are there still plans to go watch?  I'm new and looking to get out and meet some people.  A meteor shower is a plus.

Hi to all of you, hi evening*,
my apartment mate could be interested in having a get out with you in the desert, I will ask him when he's back from Dubai Eid vacation. (And, BTW, the phenomenon name is Perseids, some of you I'm sure already knew that,;) very familiar in the beginning of the second decade of August). If you'll take a good camera with you, I'll be veeery :D interested in your catchings...
Must look astonishing on desert sky. I've seen that couple of times in my homeland, in Danube Delta, and it was quite a show...

As far as I've seen on Wikipedia, there will be two good nights to watch ( and … arabia.php ), so mail me if your plans will not change and detailed'em.

I wish I have gadgets to see this by myself, love to do something that I don't usually do everyday hihihi.......:) goodluck out their......

Jas, why don't you just join the group if they will go, and grab a camera with you (my mate have his smartphone which make quite decent picts btw) and this way you'll do something that usually don't ?
It's not compulsory to have a scope or a camera with supertelephoto lenses to enjoy the moments, and you will not have everyday such occasion... It's only once every year, couple of days, and nobody knows what tomorrow brings, better take this chance, instead of having regrets... My humble opinion... Anyway, it's up to you and you only, but if you decide, wish you to have great moments (and sure will be) ;)

Thanks Tavitza58, wish someone reply from Jeddah.........:)


contact me, i go weekly to desert
very interesting

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