internships in asia?

Hi all.
I'm french and i'm 20.Studying in a school of engineering (applied mathematics and computer sciences major), i have to carry out an internship abroad.
I would love to find an internship in Asia, and more precisely China-HongKong-Taiwan or Malaisia.I have been learning mandarin for now 2 years, and travelled to China last summer for a month.
In your opinion, would it be possible to carry out an internship in china even if my chinese's level is basic?:unsure
Chineses in my class told me that it would be easier for me to find a internship in Taipei/Hong-Kong because of the language.
I have been looking where to apply in those countries and i'm going to send resume/covering letters.I wonder if some of you have ever carried out an internship in those countries, or even better, if your 're currently working in a company  there, you may be able to tell me where i could send some additional resumes :top: .
Any advice or experiences would be very helpful


English is widely spoken and understood in Malaysia. As you know, they speak Cantonese in Hong Kong. How important is a Mandarin working enviroment for you??

We have hosted German interns and they found their internships by themselves . It's not too difficult getting an internship at a company but it will of course cost more (when air tickets are included) than if you were to intern in your home country. I think most of them only received RM500-RM800 per month (which is enough especially when combined with the study allowances they receive back home!).

Good luck!

Hong Kong & Singapore is many MNC regional HQ centre... can try  to enquires from your university or college etc

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