english teaching experiences in cambodia

Anyone interested in sharing their experiences, the good, bad and ugly.  I am taking the TESOL course and been thinking about Cambodia.

I'd like to know too.  Mostly just because I'm curious about the general Cambodia vibe.  Me...I taught 4 years in S.Korea and I'd be willing to bet that ESL is pretty much the same in 99% of these places:  they really don't care how much Enlish the kids learn but they just want it to 'look' like you're teaching them English. 

In S.K. they didn't even like us giving the kids homework.  Typically Orientals look at foreigners as a necessary evil.  Nowadays, with the job market flooded, it's totally a buyer's market in any decent destination.

This business about CELTA and those certificates is, IMHO, highly over rated.  You can get a job if you look hard enough almost in any country.  Once you've got at least one contract under your belt, the certificate become even more meaningless.

I'd be willing to bet you won't make much money in Cambodia.  It won't be a problem unless you've got US denominated expenses (e.g. loans, auto-drafts, etc.) for just living on the Khmer economy I suspect it will be OK.  If you can find a way to augment your income online (e.g. do gigs on fiverr.com), you'll have all you need to have a good time.

I think Cambodia would be nice to live in for awhile.


Thanks Art,
The divorce and bankrupcy took care of my debts.  I have other sources of income, just looking to keep busy and act productive.  Hopefully someone teaching in Cambodia will share.

Cambodia is ok if income from o/s .exactly right and no expenses o/s.you and partner can live very well for 1000 p/m usd

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