Places to visit in Karachi


For the ones living in Karachi, what would you suggest to discover the region?

When you have friends or family visiting you, where do you go with them? What are the must-see places in Karachi, the tourist sites?

How to visit the region in an original way? Any unusual or unknown place to recommend?

What would you suggest for a couple of days or for a week of holidays in Karachi?

Thank you in advance for participating ;)


well, you should visit restaurants, they're are a lot of them , and they're good! try going to do dariya for a nice dinner by the sea, its splendid, or go to the malls for roaming, its nice.

do dariya , dolmen mall , dolmen city, port grand, sea view, kimari, kati pahari are the must visit places in karachi

i would suggest cview and dinner at do darya kolachi restaurent dont forget to visit Hyperstar

Churna Island - Deep sea diving, cliff jumping, jet Ski
Hawks Bay - Jet Ski, night stay, BBQ
Do Darya [Fine Dinning by the sea]
Dream World Resort [Lodging and various activities] outstanding Pool
Country Chalet [Pool, Victoria Ride, Lake, Dinning Hall]
Safari Park - Hiking, Zoo, rope sliding

Gawader - 3 hrs from Karachi
Gorakh Hill - Hill Station, 6 - 8 hours from Karachi (only place in Sind, where snow falls)

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