Aussie new to Vienna

G'Day,I just moved to Vienna and was wondering if there are any other Aussies here.

Hello simoni38.

Welcome to :)

Would you mind introducing yourself?

Here is a list of Australian expatriates in Vienna. Hope you may broaden your friendship ties.


Karen :)

Hey Simon welcome to the neighborhood. You should check out the Australian Pub Crossfields in the 1st District. You'd proly get more chance of meeting Aussies there.


Aussie right here.


My real name is Chris, I'm 31 yo. I studied science in Australia and had the great good fortune to travel rather extensively through Africa, Middle East and to a lesser extent South East Asia.

Yep!! Right here! There's an aussie expat group too but I haven't managed to get to one of their meetings yet :)
As for Aussie pubs here...well they're not all that Australian but you can give it a crack!! Welcome!

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