What is the essence of attending CFO Seminar?

Hallo! Guten Tag! I am from Philippines. My boyfriend and I wants to get married in Germany. We already comply all the documents needed except my certificate from the school I've been studying now for the language course. Also, I still wait for the written obligation from German embassy that I and my bf will get married.

My question is, do CFO Seminar is really needed before they allow me to travel? Need advice please.


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What is CFO Seminar? Chief Financial Officer?!?

Hello!  Yes,  it is needed,  else the immigration officer will not allow you to fly. It'll take only a day once you have your visa. It is in order to keep records of Filipinos who migrated abroad,  their address and other contact details abroad and contact info of immediate family in the Phils. You are well aware of abused Filipinos abroad who get no help from the embassy for the reason that they are not registered. Now,  the CFO is an independent organization who made this step of not allowing Pinoys to travel without the sticker so that all Filipinos migrating or working abroad are registered.


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Hi how are you, I need some advice in marriage in germany, you had already finished your interview at the embassy. what are the requirements need i marriage visa i germany,, i hope you can help me,, danke und ah einen schönen tag,,,, ADIUE:::

what if im a here now in Germany? and i have no CFO seminar? because the immigration just let us in. but i need to go back to philippines asap because my mom died. what should i do now? im here almost 3 years. i need to go home right now

Yanyjone: I do not really understand your message. You don’t need a CFO (Chief Financial Officer?) or other seminar to return home to attend to family matters. Just book a flight and go!
If you come back within its validity, your current Germany visa will not be affected.

Commission Filipinos overseas certificate. That we need before we fly overseas. But then I need to go back home ASAP. I think I will have a big problem to fly back to here. My son is 5 years old and I have work. It would be a problem for me to return here in Germany

Since this seems to be a Philippines-specific problem, not a German one, I suggest you ask on the philippines forum, not here.

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