how to start new business in spain

Hello, how are you. my self happy  and I am from India, I am looking for some business in spain , I would like to invest some money on their
have any good ideas to make money.....
my personal interest is in (garments shop..or  hotel restaurant..)(as i have some good friends who have manufacturing factory of females garments  here in India )
or you can tell me that ........ which is the smallest business i start and then i find other new  bigger business ......

just for the began... which business you suggest to me......
hotel restaurant for rent or property buy......or some other..

regards happy

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Hello Happy

Spain has 20% overall unemployment and 40% youth unemployment, so hardly the land of great opportunity and rich pickings. You need to ask yourself what unique skills do you have that Spain does not have and needs.

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Thank you very much for this information! I appreciate your answer very much!

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