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I am from Mumbai,India recently moved to KL. I am trying to understand the medical system here. Can anybody please suggest me good hospital's with the price for complete body checkup with all types of blood tests and xrays ?


A Google search will get you the information.

KPJ Medical Centre, Gleneagles, Prince Court Medical Center

Shouldnt cost more than 300bucks. BTW..which part of mumbai ?

Pantai Medical Center

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Gleneagles Hospital is one of the favourite for many from overseas, particularly Indonesian, Indian and Saudi Arabian.

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All hospitals have to display their charges so you can always email and find out what you need. I guess you have insurance that is valid in Malaysia?  If not the cheapest method to get a "physical" is to use one of the public hospitals close to where you live.  If you use the private ones above, the cost will be much higher.  I know a Dr that does these occupational health checks but he is in PJ. KL is a very large place stretching many miles from KLCC.  More information of your location and I will find out what are your best choice of hospitals

You don't need to use a hospital as there are diagnostic clinics in Malaysia.  This one is very well known and linked to the University Sains Malaysia

There are quite a few branches available.

Just a note, medical checkup is not covered in a Malaysian class insurance policy.

Unless the check up or scans reveals something foreign in the body and surgical procedure and / or hospital admission is needed.

That is where the medical card or health insurance comes in handy

@roystevenung - could you please explain what is a medical card and how it differs from health insurance

Its the same. Expats call it health insurance, while the locals term it as medical card.

The point of having health insurance is to have the insurance company to pay for the hospital bill, if we need to be admitted to the hospital.

The medical card entitles the policy holder to get admitted / surgery at any private hospital without having to 'break the bank'.

The insurer will pay directly to the private hospital based on the amount of coverage being purchased by the policy holder.

Most medical checkups does not costs more than RM300, true.

However if something is found during the medical checkup,.... that's another different story.

Whatever it is, before going to the private hospital, make sure you have insurance :D

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wanderinglaurence :

Interested in accomodation near Gleneagles.


There's lots. Just tell your agent and they'll show you.

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