Looking for room or room mate + shared flat

Hello people!
My name is Mark, and I currently live in Spain. I've been offered an internship in Oslo starting in october, that will last for at least 6 months and that can hopefully be renewed another 6. If lucky it might even end up becoming an actual job! :)
Anyway, I'm looking for a room in Oslo all over the internet, but I also wanted to post my needs here in case anyone has an offer.
I would also consider looking for and sharing a flat if anyone else is in a similar situation, to try cut expenses... so please contact me if you may be interested!

Thanks everyone

Hello Mark.

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Flat share in Oslo section. It shall help.

Thanks and best of luck.

Karen :)

already had! but thanks a lot for the advice ;)

My friend is also looking for a room urgently in Oslo, he's a cool guy, maybe you can share a flat? Or if anyone is looking for a flatmate, pls contact me, cos my friend wants to move in as soon as possible, even today!!!!!


If you search on www.finn.no for "bofellesskap", you can find people looking to rent out a room in a shared apartment.



Cool. I am looking for the same. I would like to live in Ulleval. Does this area suit you? What do you imagine to pay as a maximum? Do you mind if the flat will have kitchen, living room and big bedroom to share this room? I am quite use to live with other people from university and I would mind. Of course I would like to respect each other. :)

Take a care. Milan

Hi, still looking for a flat? Do you want to live in Ullern area? What is a maximal budget?
Take a care. Milan

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Hiya there,
We are looking for a shared flat and we need it as soon as possible.
We've got a job offer and we really need some help in finding a place where we can stay.
If there is anyone who would like to share a flat or have an offer of a cheap place to live, please let us know .
We will be very gratefull.

@ Kamiporo > Please feel free to drop an ad in the Flat share in Oslo section, it may also help you. ;)



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