Looking for a house in Webdeh

I'm looking for a flat or some one to share a flat with in Jabal Webdeh.
I found a job in Jabal Husain and I'll probably stay for a year of more.
Any tips are welcome :)

Hallo Sanne,

Welkom in Jordanie en op deze site.

I hope you find what you are looking for but I suggest to look at the housing section.
It can be useful to you.

Welcome aboard! I will try my best :)


i think i know a Good landlord in Jabl weibdeh,and its located just nearby Italian Embassy and near to Paris Circle n CAESAR LOUNGE too,if you want i might check with him ;)

Hi Kate,

Yes that would be great!
Thanks a lot :)

Don't mention :) this is what we are here for ? Helpin each other as much as we can,Will check with him today after Iftar and get back to you :)

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