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Hello Dears ,
I am looking for Polish School or institute that teach Polish language and it is very important that I can get visa according to registration in it , and it will be better if this school in Warsaw because I am interested in Warsaw University.

please , could some body who had the same situation help me

thanks a lot .

usually they don't give visa for only language school.

Hey, I can strongly reccomend you Klub Dialogu - a Polish language school for foreigners, that is located near the centre of Warsaw, on Gałczyńskiego 4 street, room 903. My friend has attended a course there and he was really satisfied. Right now they are advertising their new intensive A0 course starting on Monday, August 19th. Classes take place from Monday to Friday, from 10am till 1pm. For more information you can send them an e-mail: info[at]klubdialogu. pl or call: 664-788-004. You can google it as well: type Klub Dialogu or learningpolishinwarsaw

dear omer ,,

where are you living now ??
i will try to help you by asking about some one who can arrange for you trip as student or cmpany which need employee for season by ( 9 month )



Dear Omar,

If you are still interested in getting visa&learning Polish I strongly recommend you Blackbird Academy ----> hello-blackbird.com, they helped my Algerian friend when he was in exactly the same situation. Thanks to a great Teacher he was able to pass the Polish language test and now he stays here in Warsaw for good.

If you are looking for great Polish teachers I can without no hesitation propose you this school Polish in Cracow. it's still small school, but I had a pleasure to see how they teach. They are very good! You will be greateful.

LearnPolish.Edu.Pl is pretty good. I've been there for a while now and just signed up again!

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