iPad stolen and then found, sort of...

Hi everyone,
Just an all to common story of an iPad stolen in the GH where I'm in at the moment.  I found MY iPad the next day at a computer store - same serial number-, and bought it back,,,, FFFFFF********CK!!!!

What would you recommend me to do? I mean that shop is probably the closest thing to a thief nest I can find.

Is there any hope that the cops will do anything, or I should cut my losses and call it a day?

Thank you !

Hi Alexis,

The police MIGHT have been able to do something had you not bought the iPad, called them and had them attend the shop where it was on sale. That is of course provided that you have a receipt with the serial number for the original purchase.

However, since you've already completed the transaction there is little chance they will even do anything at all. I doubt that under the circumstances if you have insurance at home that covers "off premisis theft" you would even have a chance of getting some relief there either for the same reason. Especially if you didn't report the theft at the time the iPad originally went missing.

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Hi William,
Thanks, I had to take a shot indeed. Wait till the police comes, or get my iPad back. One or the other, but not both.
I do have a receipt though.
I think the prospects of getting to the bottom of this is very remote now.

Hi Alexis,

Sorry for your loss.
Do not expect you can do much now, other than to assist others, by posting the name of the GH & Computer Shop.


If anything I had a very good rationale... How dumb someone can be to steal something from a GH room when all doors &  windows are locked? Just as stupid to sell stolen goods at the nearest computer store....
I'm not sure my next moves served a useful bigger picture :-\
Execution is everything, I suppose.

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