just arrived in Shanghai and looking for accomodation

I just arrived in Shanghai and looking for accomodation and the office is located in Taicang though. Iv checked out the residences in both area and now, Im torn between staying in Taicang where the traffic is easier and commuting to work is at most 20min. However, living in Shanghai could be more fun but need to travel approy 45min to Taicang. My favourite choice there would be Westwood Green at Minhang area.

It would be lovely to hear from some other expats on the Taicang/Shanghai comparison.

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Tell me the price,maybe I can check it for you.

Hi there,

A 45 min commute isn't too bad. I've never been to Taicang so not sure what the lifestyle is like there. Minhang is still considered quite far form the city center...

Nightlife is everywhere- though largely concentrated around the Xuhui district.(Former french concession) What do you want? Will you be wanting to go out with people after work? or just weekends?


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