Open a bank account without residence??

does anyone know if there is any bank in Belgium, where it is possible to open a bank account without having a residence in the country, the addresses I have but are not registered with komune yet?

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you went to the interview for your card ? if yes they should gave you paper that have your photo and you ID #  and details on it , you can open bank account with this paper , its like the  id card untill you get your id card ,,,,,if not i dont think you can open bank account

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When I got here first (just over 5 years ago) I was given some very bad advice and told NOT TO register... along with most of the others who were working in the company I was in at the time.
It was over 1 year before I found my own apartment and was able to register as the company insisted we did not register while living in their provided accommodation. (I am guessing that they were dodging tax somehow but that's another story)
Anyway, I went to all of the major banks and nobody would touch me, rightly so because I had no residence.
Eventually ING agreed to open an account for me using my Irish passport as ID, since then many of my colleagues had done the same with ING but recently I've heard that they have clamped down on it and refused to open any new accounts without an ID card.
Your best bet is to get down to the commune asap and register so yo can get yourself in order.

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