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I am a 61 year old woman.I would like to move to Georgia.I would love any information on whats life like and health care.i would be traviling with my common law  husband .

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Hi Erico111,

It would be great if you can give us some useful info on the forum? :)

Thank you.
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This is the season that people from all over world visit Georgia for summer holidays ,is really amazing .:)

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what do you wanna know about Georgia :) ???

Hi Erico11,

As angeltaranto mentioned - " I would love any information on whats life like and health care "

I guess if you have any information about those things in Georgia then feel free to share them ;)

Thank you


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Life in Georgia is comfortable when you have something doing for living and for a better future but i doubt that.On the other hand Georgians are lovely,Friendly,accommodating,sharing,helping ,they are people with good heart but somethings they can be rude,tough just as everywhere in the world, they are not too exposed , the country is secure than any other country i have been. living in Georgia is the best trust me , the employment rate is poor though but if you can get your income that takes care of everything and still have some for other stuffs then i think Georgia is the best place to move to. the Capital city of Georgia is Tbilsi, Batumi is the port city and surrounded by beautiful buildings ..i love walking along the port side of Batumi when lonely , in Georgia I knew what fun was.. during summer is wow :).Is amazing meeting people all over the world....If you need any information don't hesitate to contact me.thanks.


Dear Sir,
Hi... how are you my name Zishan (origin India from Delhi) Presently I am working in Saudi Arabia, I've heard about Tbilisi and I am interested in starting some business there. can you please help me giving more information about Business or work around Tbilisi and how is the current situation right now etc. My /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ is zishan74[at]
Thank you in advance for your understanding and I would highly appreciate your feedback soon.

Thanks & Regards,

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Erico111 thank you for all the information, i have a question is about the language, I want move to Georgia but i have to be honest, the language georgian looks very difficult, the english is speak a little? can manage with english until learn the basic georgian?

Have a good day

Hello friends,
     Yes its very true Georgian Language is difficult.One way to learn Kartuli very quick is being expose to the country in terms of friendships and fun, they wanna to speak English as well as you wanna to speak Kartuli in this case when you have them as your friends and hanging around with them you will easily know the Language. Yes you can manage with the Eglish till you understand the Katurli. Fun is a big time thing in Georgia, I use to club everyday, meeting friends , sometimes you don't understand what they speak but you will understand the signs of what they mean'' some of them can act crazy,d they really will make sure you understand what they mean :D ,if any of you is a fun type then trust me Georgia welcomes YOU :D,.

Respected Sir,
A very good morning to you, I would like to visit or do business in Georgia (Jan-Feb 2014). Can you help me to give some good advice for making business (what kind of business is good there in your city like restaurant, shop other)  and won't to know how's current situation for business, and finding cheapest accommodation in Tbilisi or Batumi.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success !!!”.
Hopes make everything possible, God bless you!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Dear Friend,
   starting up business in Georgia is a great thing to do like i said to have a good income profit will depend on the type of business, business like the ones you mentioned are quite OK in Georgia if only they functions,
   Accommodations in Batumi are expensive during summer , houses near the sea are also expensive ,  tenants could be ask to pay 2 years advance .Below are the prices of houses in Batumi and in Tbilisi,
Prices Changes due to the summer .

don't hesitate to ask more questions if you misunderstand anything i say.


Can u help me get visa?

nanayaw11 :

Can u help me get visa?

Here is the official information, who need a visa and who doesn't

I can support also if you've got any other questions :)

I am Management Consultant in Malaysia and will be visiting Tbilisi in July 2014 (next month) for exploring business opportunities. I wish to start the same business (business management consultancy services). I certainly shall require a reasonable (in perfect words.."cheap") office to take start. Could you guide me how much minimum budget I need to allocate, only for "Cheap Office" (cheap in terms of rent)? How much I may expect to pay advance payment to get the possession of office? Foreigner is allowed to get Office premise on rent? How easy or difficult is this (to get office for company registration and to start business)?
TQ (Thank you..a famous way of writing "Thank you" in Malaysia)

Georgia … 2319381229

What has to do with the question?

With your question nothing!

I replied to the first message/lady who opened this thread, she wanted to get information about Georgia (''I would love any information about Georgia whats life like'')

Sorry my bad :( , but that was on July 2013, I mean to the user Mal2 made a question recently 14 June 2014, I just suggest keep the post updated. Even I would like to know your impressions about Georgia, as; the unemployment descended, new implementation de teach english language around the country, if the electric system has been improved, if the occidentals are welcome etc.
I made a question recently about what language center in Tbilisi is recommendable to learn the Georgian language.
For sure, your answers will be very appreciates :top:

Have a good day, Lexanna

Sorry I didnt read the entire thread, only first post.

As for getting visas, I already posted in other threads, new government has strict policy and rules, so strict that even  students who study there cant get visas any more, I am Georgian and i know it

yes.. so true.. you know what

one of my friend has applied for one year multiple visa, he got 3months visa :D
and let me tell you my friend fees for one year visa is 101 GEL, and 3 months is 50 GEL.

THANKS, Cheers!!

Welcome to GEO.

Have a Pleasant stay here..  ;)
What do you do? I lived Western Africa 3 years.

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How s about getting a job in Georgia

Are you kidding? 80% Georgians are UNmployed! inclusive me, I am Georgian, speaking 5 languages

thats mean getting job in Georgia is difficult

hello good day Georgia People,
i have a query about a procedure to start a small shopping business in Georgia, what are the procedure, and what will be the visa status for a person who starts a business in Georgia, what will be the visa validity duration after it is issued,

Thank you in advance,

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