Migration to the Filippines

I need your advise on migration from Belarus to the Philippines for permanent residence

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Expat-blog Team

Hello, Moving to the Philippines is a big step to take so be careful where you choose to settle. I recommend Cebu City it is the second largest city in the Philippines yet relatively foreigner friendly and safe as long as you stay on the main streets and be street smart. Cebu has very few typhoons most go south over northern Philippines missing us completely, Those that do make it here have to travel over the tall mountains of Mindanao Philippines which often kills the typhoon leaving a great big rain storm. We are also safe from Tsunamis which get filtered out due to surrounding large islands. Take a look at my profile because I run a free service, no charge to help you make the move and answer any questions you may have. Michael :cool:

Thank you very much for your reply!
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Thank you, Michael!

I have a close Filippino friend who lives just in the city of Cebu. He knows about the political situation in my country (I am Belarusian, a citizen of Belarus) and offers me work and accomodation in the Filippines. Therefore I need advise on how to move to the Filippines in the easiest possible way. Before it's too late...



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