Need Hindi language private teacher sby

I need Hindi language private teacher in surabaya,please contact me soon,thx

Do you want to learn spoken Hindi or Read and write. I can help if it is only spoken hindi.

Hello deeenee.

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So as to make it more visible, your post has been moved to the Surabaya forum.

The Classes section (Language classes) in the Surabaya classifieds could help. You should post an advert there.

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thank you, but the problem, there is no result for those classifieds

I want to learn all in Hindi language, but more important able to speak. thx

Hi deeenee,

Please be patient, give time for concerned members to contact you. :)

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thx anyway

Hi I am Sanjay Lore from India. I completed two year bahasa indonesia from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and advance diploma in bahasa indonesia from Wijaya kusuma university Surabaya . I can teach hindi  if you need . You can contect me +919013689369

You replied on a post from July 2013....

If you want to offer to teach Hindi to someone you better start a new thread

Yes, I am ready to teach hindi . I am waiting for your offer

What's wrong with you guys??

You don't understand English??

Read again my other post...... :dumbom:

I can't understand your english

The point Sanjay, is that your response on this thread is to a post which was made over a year ago. 

Look at the dates above posts, and consider that a reply so long after is likely not going to reach the person you intended.

It is best if you replied by private message.

Private message to the person concerned but not to me....

Hey friend you should contact with Rumah Bahasa.It is near the Governer Office of Jawa Timur so in central area in Surabaya.I just met some people in there.I am also Turkish teacher.

How can I contect pusat bahasa . I don't know contect no and email address

Friend it is free lessons for public.I mean voluntary.They don't pay any salary for teachers.+62 31 70098636 call this number.

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