Homeschooling in Qingdao

Hi, been in Qingdao for the last year and happily homeschooling. Please feel free to ask any questions or advice,


Hello qingdaomama.

Welcome to :)

I hope that you'll get some prompt feedbacks soon.


Karen :)

I am hopefully going to have my wife and 5 younger children join me here in China from October this year. We HS our children in SA. I want to confirm that as an expat we will be able to continue to HS our children in China?

Hey, wondering if you're still in China and homeschooling? How old is your kid when you move here?

I am still in China. My wife and children will only hopefully join me towards the fall of this year. We still need to process all their documents. We will never, unless forced to, stop home schooling.

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