Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

James is deceased.

:sosad: I am extremely sorry. Who is going to fill  that gap in th forum. He was a real friend to all of us. My wife and I received many helpful advice from that man. Though we didn't make it to getting married here in Brazil, he admonished us to get married in South Africa to avoid beauraucratic hassle .  :sosad:

Hi Mbstanson

So are we all.  Mr. James as I stated before was a rockstar and he was a genuinely amazing person.



Hey....sadly James was murdered
you can read about it here

Hi mister James and all members.i am in a relationship with a Brazilian but she don't have a work that means that she can not sponsor me to reunificate with her in Brazil?what are the processes if we want to give a baby there?thank you so much

Hi all members.please is thete anyone to answer my questions.i am in a relationship with a Brazilian but she don't have a work that means that she can not sponsor me to reunificate with her in Brazil?what are the processes if we want to give a baby there?thank you so much

before it was taking 3 months to get married, what about it now, is there any changes on this or no?
what if I overstay tourist visa and later marry in Brazil?

Does brazil has any fiancé visa ?
If not when I apply tourist visa do I need to tell I'm going to marry in brazil ?
Because I have to certify my documents in brazil embassy so could you please tell me when I go to embassy to certify my documents do I need to tell the purpose I'm planing to go brazil ?
Is it ok at brazil embassy saying that Im getting tourist visa to marry is that fine to tell embassy is it legal to marry under tourist visa ?

If you are going on a tourist visa tell them that. If you go to the site of the consulate you will find what visa are available to residents of your country. It is legal to get married on a tourist visa.  be sure you have all of your documents before you come to Brazil. You will find the list on their site.

Thank you so much yes only my country available





FAMILY REUNION (VITEM I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII or Permanent Visa, according to the sponsor`s visa)









so there is no fiance visa to apply so do my option is to apply tourist visa and marry her in brazil?

as we have online relationship so i plan to go and marry and live there

Hi James I never been to brazil but still can I marry by proxy and apply tourist visa or permanent visa base on marriage ?

Wow, It is a very useful thread
Thank you very much Mr. James,

I have two questions
- Can someone marry a Brazilian girl (civil marriage) in his home country (Egypt in my case),  and get visa and work permit accordingly?
- After how long time of marriage can the foreigner who married to a Brazilian get a Brazilian passport by naturalization?

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Hello Sir,
My name is M. Abid Muneer and i am Pakistani citizen. I have done marriage with a Brazilian female and i also get the VIPER. I want to just asking you that as my wife is a brazilian citizen and she did not need visa for New Zealand. We both want to go to New Zealand for Honeymoon. I need to get visa for New Zealand or not? Please explain me either i need or not.

Yes you still need a visa.....

Whenever you want to travel to a foreign country and you want to know if you need a visa the best place to look is the website of that countries consulate .

Thanks to reply
Then when will i can travel to new zealand with my wife without visa?

Beginning on August 14th 2016, due to the implementation in Brazil of the 1961 Hague Convention (“The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents”,  known as the “Apostille Convention”), Brazilian Consulates will no longer legalize foreign documents issued by countries which are also a party to the 1961 Hague Convention. … uments.xml

Mean power you NEED a New Zealand visa until you are a BRAZILIAN CITIZEN , with BRAZILIAN PASSPORT!

James. Do you know if Brazil will allow permanent residency to someone who is married to a brazillian and has been living in Brazil for 4 months already but has been convicted of a couple felonies in the Us years ago? No murders or anything like that.

I'm sorry I just read the horrible news about James and it was shocking. I'm sorry about the loss for his friends and family. James seemed to be a truly insightful and wise man.

When you supply the required documents to the PF  They ask you to sign a declaration stating that you have no criminal record in Brazil or abroad.  I don't know what types of crimes will disqualify you. I also don't know if they check your criminal record by other means either. They used to require a police report from your home country. now they just ask for the declaration. Maybe you should do some research on the PF website.

Thank you for the reply. I will do some more research. If anyone else has any information on this subject please I welcome your responses.

I get permanent marriage visa and i am in brazil. I just want to ask how long after i get the citizen card and may i have to live in brazil till i gat the card or i can go any other country? And after getting this card can i trvel to those country without visa where brazilian national can travel?

You should get your CIE within 60 day. They should have told you which website to check to see if it is ready. yes you can travel with your protocolo. you should let the PF know that you will be out of Brazil. As far as travel to other countries, it goes by Nationality of your passport.

I am very thankful to you sir that you help me. After getting this card can i sponcer someone to visit here if yes then whats documents required?

I believe you can.  My wife who was my girl friend at the time sent a letter by email stating that she was my sponsor.

I am very thankful to you sir that you always helping me

Sir i just want to ask you that till i get the RNE card i have to stay in brazil or i can move to other country and when it ready my wife can get it and send to me by post?

But someone said that when i get the RNE ican travel to new zealand without getting the visa because RNE is also a national identity card of brazil which showing the nationality

Hi all.
My question is that if i divorce to Brazilian woman after getting my permanent status, do i loose my permanent status???? Mean within 1 year or 2?????
2. If i divorce after getting nationality of Brazil then would my divorce effects on my legal status?????
Hope get useful information.
Thanks in advance

meanpower :

Sir i just want to ask you that till i get the RNE card i have to stay in brazil or i can move to other country and when it ready my wife can get it and send to me by post?

Bro as my experience, when you going to exit before getting RNE plastic card then PF will only allow you to stay out of the country untill your paper protocol would be valid.  After getting RNE plastic card then PF law allow u to stay out of brazil for 2 years. Within 2 years you have to in and out for remain ur status legal.
Hope it would informative for you.

You do not lose it. You have to return to Brazil every 2 years to keep it valid.

Dear sir,
Still i am not clear that can i travel to new zealand on brazilian ID card or no? Or i need to apply for visa? Please clear me. Thanks

You should go to the website of New Zealand Embassy. The  information should be there.

Hi sir,
But i have permanent brazilian visa. Can i submit my documents to PF for RNE and go to other country when it ready my wife collect it?

Permanent visa valid for 90 days after arriving in Brazil and within 90 days period you have to submit your documents in PF for getting RNE. (As per my information).
I think it would clear your mind.

I guess I don't understand your question. If you want to know if you need a visa to travel to New Zealand. You will need to check with their embassy for that information.

I have to submit my documents to PF with in 30 days after arrive to brazil is written on my visa. But can i move to other country after submitting of my documents to PF so my wife can get my RNE?

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