Meeting in Solingen

Hi everyone ...

I'm Justine, french living in Germany, Solingen since some months ... look forward to meet new people and people from everywhere around the world ! So i wanted to propose something for this saturday, because there is a party in my town, and i was in Spain last year and went to a lot of party " meeting point of a lot of people from everywhere in the world" thanks to this webside ... And i thought it's a good and funny idea !

i'm not doing advertising like some people can think about ! Just an idea to meet people!

The party is called Neonsplash,big paint party, maybe some of you already heard about it or not... it's really famous in Germany, and is always sold out in Boothaus Köln for the one who knows this club!

there is a train just in front of the location for the people coming from cities around !

the pre-sale tickets are 12 euros, and 18 at the door !

So this is it ...! Have a nice day all, and if someone is interesting ... just let me know!


Hello Justine,

Your topic has been moved on the Dusseldorf English speaking forum.

You should please post your advert in the Dusseldorf classifieds > event section.

Thank you,
Christine team