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Hi everyone, my name is Aletheia and I'm new to the fantastic Expat.com. My boyfriend and I just arrived in Vienna (loving it already) for a 2 month stay. We are from San Francisco, California and have been traveling around Europe for a couple months with the intent to continue around the world for at least 1 year - hopefully longer! I would love to meet new people and am really interested in discovering the local music/theater scene in Vienna. Any suggestions on where to go or what to see? 

Also, I'm eager to learn conversational German (I know just about 0 right now). I would be happy to help teach English or accent reduction (I'm really good at all kinds of accents!) or anything else that I'm good at in return (I recently quit my job working at Apple as a project manager so I could also help tutor on Apple iWork applications like Numbers, Keynote, etc).

I'm off to scour the blog for any odd job tips or music forums. Nice to meet all of you! Look forward to reading your posts in the future.

Hi theia7,
Welcome aboard.
I wish you and your boyfriend a pleasant stay in Vienna "enjoy every part of it".
I also wish you guys lots of luck for your trip around the world.


Hello Aletheia.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

So as to make it more visible, your post has been moved to the Vienna forum.

Thank you for this introduction.

I am sure you'll make a lot of new contacts here.
Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us.

Thank you,

Hello Dear,

I would like to visit Vienna some day ... Its a beautiful city ...

Hi MO, thanks for the welcome!

Ah! Thanks Aurelie! Still getting used to this for sure.

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