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hello, i wanna start a geusthouse in cambodia, i visit cambodia couple of time and next year i wanna start a geusthouse.
But can anyone give me a list of rules of the cambodia goverment to start business? and which problems they are to start a guesthouse?if i buy a geusthouse 20000dollar, which extra cost are there above the price i pay for the guesthouse? a lot of guestions so i hope someone can tell me a lot of this. thanks

Hello blazerk5.

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Hello Blazerk 5

The market in Cambodia for Guesthouses if filled to capacity
unless you are going to come up with a NEW idea
In Siem Reap alone we have  450 plus   and still growing
Starting from scratch is very difficult  unless you have heaps of money and plenty of time to get your search engines going;
Guesthouses are a lifestyle for most of us  as little money is made
My suggestion  come in small  and purchase an existing business  and grow it  to where you want to be
Doing business in Cambodia is a pleasure with the Government fully supporting  foreigners who want to invest in their country';  but you still have to take out the appropriate licences ; pay you tax
and conform  to training and helping young Cambodians move on from
the genocide period
Good luck  and keep your wits about you
This is a wonderful cheap country to live in

Michael Kean
Solina Realty Consulting

thank you for your good reply.
yeah the last days i get a lot of information and i know its earns small money and lots of work. i dont know which place i want to start a guesthouse, i have been 3 months in pp and 1 week in siem reap. i think in siem reap toooo many guesthouse, same as sihanoukville. and sihanoukville visit by many backpackers and a long rain period. i never been to kampong and kep but i think thats a good place, i think beautiful nature, and i place thats grows up slowly to the tourism. but firs i want to stay in some places 1 or 2 months to decide.

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