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Hii everyone.I am sohan from india and gota Alevel teacher job in Maldive. please suggest me what should i do? should i come to Maldive and if yes what should i bring with myself. My email id is bagri.sohanlal[at] I am bachelor and working as a senior manager in my country.

Hello bagri.sohanlal and welcome to :)

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Karen :)

HI bagri,

congratulations on your job, if you have got the job then your employer should send you a written contract, once you sign this, it will take about 4 weeks to process the visa. only then you will need to come to maldives, also the employer will send you the tickets.

keep us posted and we will help you with the rest


i have got ajob in maafushi island in resort sallary 600usd how would i veriy my visa that it is not fake is salary offer good

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