Nearest Motor Driving school near Al-Malaz

Can somebody suggest me Nearest Driving school near Al-Malaz.

people told me that if I want to take saudi driving license then there are only two driving schools. One in Sulay & other in Takhasusi. But both are too far from the place I live(Al-Malaz). kindly suggest !

People are right :)

TheLegendLeads wrote:

People are right :)

I asked a few taxi drivers & reached to the conclusion that there are 6 Driving school(in Riyadh) in Total.

Out of these i visited 3. Two in takhasusi & 1 in sulay.

You can't count on info from cabbies. I'm sure he is counting some of licenses offices also. There are 11 license center with only 3/4 along driving schools. I am saying 4 because I've heard there is on in Southern part in Shabra area. But it can just be a hearsay.

Maroor website doesn't clearly highlight schools here:

If you can, there is one 90km away from the city on South west side. A friend had been there for getting his license.

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