Why Do People actually join or look for Forums ??

Well i was just wondering, n thinking about what do people actually join the forums ?

I am sure no1 does it to pull the legs of other n find new people to fight with :D ..

Well i joined EB, to discuss about the Games , Photography Tricks , or Any active topics which are related to me..

(Losers or Haters thanks for reading now Step This way please) [Exit] lolz

Share Your Opinion Frndz..

In general to find out as much about Saudi and Riyadh as possible. I have picked up some great information on here before moving..

Not come across much talk on gaming though, I cant do much yet as my stuff hasnt arrived.

Simply to exchange experience, bro there are billions of people in this world and we cannot win them all, people has different opinions and perspective in life, will agree and mostly disagree in anyone's opinion. Be professional when someone poked at you, don't get rude but simply tell them your side without showing indignation. Maybe one day the one that poke you will be your closest friend here in EB.........just saying.:)

"the better way to insult is to ignore"

I joined EB because it's better than FB. :D

Like many others here, I found a lot of useful information about KSA on this site.

its really a good question ,,, umm

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