MOVING SALE!!! + any experience with moving companies from Slovakia?

Hello everybody,

We are a family with three children (now 7, 8 and 10)who have lived in Bratislava, Slovakia for over 2,5 years and are on the move in May this year.

We have a lot of kids' things, furniture and other stuff which we can leave behind - so do not hesitate to contact me or browse through my classifieds here :D!

I would also appreciate any comments, good or bad, you have with movers operating from Slovakia.

Have a nice day....Jana:)

AVL Moving Systems has done a great job in my move. They had quickly picked up all the items and delivered them quickly. They had an accurate quote and were very professional. I was very satisfied so I am writing a review and would use them again. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. 
Santa Cruz Movers

Hello, for moving companies I would recommend PLUS and SVD, they are good quality and cheap. Mostly students are moving the stuff, so it is because of that cheap. If you are moving internationally, consider some options like SLOVAKPOINT for ireland for exapmle.

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