Want to move to Europe.

I'm an American who wants to eventually live and work in Europe (preferrably France or England).  I have a Master's Degree in Social Work and a Child Care Director Certification.  Is there any hope for me?  What steps (besides saving money) would I take to pursue this dream?  I'm a very patient person and am willing to even pursue a different career if it would help.  Any suggestions as to what steps to take and what will make finding work in Europe (or even being allowed to look for work) easier.  Also, I'd love to find some people in other countries to correspond with.  Any suggestions of websites to visit?  I'm not yet an expatriate so I don't feel I should use this one.  Thanks!  Merci!

Seems like you are awfully well qualified as it stands, if you want to go to France, obviously start studying the language.  You might find an in with the American Schools, look for job ads, even workopolis may have positions and apply.  I know that on this site there are a few places that have been mentioned which offer work.  Talk to the consulates about what the requirements are in each nation you are interested in.  Find work with an American company that has branches in Europe, and let them know that you would be very interested in moving. 

Ummmm, keep your eyes open and jump when the chance comes.

Good luck.

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