Hey everyone,

I just joined this forum in hopes to make great connections and my homework a bit easier, for I intend to move to Cambodia (preferrably Sihanoukville or PP) towards the end of the third quarter of this year, 2013.

As I'm taking my work with me everywhere I go, I am pretty free staying where I see fit and a visa permits. Of course, for as long as there's some sort of internet connection and a good amount of things to explore. I'm mostly into alternative music (strong preference on electronica but not a must), arts (installations, performance and sculptures), foods and relaxing sceneries in short trip distances. If I don't get bored doing a new thing every day for a month, I might just set up for a few months. If not I'm the type that doesn't have much of a problem to move on. So far I lived in SEA for about a year and spent most of my time in the Philippines, Cambodia and Japan.

For now, I would like to thank anyone in advance who will respond to whatever stupidities I may let lose on this board. ;)


Hi Lex!

Welcome to and thanks for this introduction :)
We hope the forum will help you in your moving project.


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