Rental and Cost of Living in Addis

Hello Dear Expats,

I'm getting ready to move to Addis for a 3 months internship. It is an unpaid internship therefore I will very much appreciate any advice not to be too much in debt.
I'm 26 and single and would like a furnished studio flat or 1 bedroom apartment/house not too far from the office which is located Menelik II Ave. (UN). I don't mind taking public transportation to the office. Below are my questions

1- Housing
  1.a How can I find a place to live? The internship starts sep 1st, i'm planning on arriving couple days before and stay at a hotel and do some viewings... also any advice on where to for those couple days? Also please give me couple areas to look into... all I know now is Bole :/
  1.b How much would a "furnished" studio or a 1 bed room apartment/house cost per month? I don't care about the size. All I care about is the cleanliness and the location, oh and the flat should be furnished (refrigerator, bed table etc..)
2- Cost of living- How much should I budget for cost of living. I like cooking and go out sometimes...
3- Any additional advice or tips will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

studio22003[at] e mail me there i will give you address of person who can help you.

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Have you read the other threads on the Addis Ababa forum?

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Apartments in Addis ranges from 5000 birr to 25000 birr or may be more, furnished apartment is little hard to find since apartment culture is quite new here in addis. Once you are here you need to get in touch with some dealer who can help you in finding the house,but you need to have someone local also from your office or place you belong in addis. Cheap house is available is outskirts of addis but the roads are good and transportation is fair.Regarding the place you want to visit in addis in those 2 days you can ask the hotel staff they will guide you.Local cabs are cheap and contract taxi are quite expensive and price is not fixed.For more you can add me on

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