Hey everyone,

My name is Yash and I will be in Colombo till the second week of August for an internship. Me and my friend Jamie are both interning together and are looking for a flat to rent for a month starting in July. We do not mind sharing with anyone. Would also love to meet up with other expats in town!

E-mail - yashghar92[at]gmail.com


Hello Yash.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

The Housing in Sri Lanka section could help. You should post an advert there.

Thank you,

Thanks Aurelie!

Also, are there any planned social meet ups that you know of, that we could go to? Would be great to meet other expats around :)


My landlord has vacant apartments in Mount Lavinia and Colombo.

Hi  SweetLanka,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Housing in Sri Lanka section, this might be helpful.

Thank you,


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