price of Generic Ibuprofen and Voltaren


Could anyone tell me the price of generic Ibuprofen in a typical Slovak/Bratislava pharmacy, please? Also, can you get Ibuprofen at 600mg strong without a prescription or only the weaker 400mg? I have just moved to Vienna from Barcelona and was somewhat disturbed to find that you cannot get 600mg without a prescription and also the prices are through the roof. I am used to paying next to nothing in Barcelona and take one pill a day, to combat my problems with back pain and pains in my fingers, wrists and arms, all due to RSI.

I also use Voltaren daily, in gel form. Does anyone know if I can get this over the counter without a prescription and how much it costs?

Alternatively, does anyone have any contact info for an English or German speaking pharmacy? Or simply know the name and address of one and I can track down the contact info myself?

If the drugs are available and considerably cheaper than here, which is what I'm hoping, it's gonna be worth a trip to stockpile...

Many thanks for your help.

All the best.


Hi Veronika

Thanks a lot for your reply, that's exactly what I needed to know. At the moment I'm getting my supply sent over from Spain, where it is very cheap, but I'll compare your info with costs+p&p from Spain and see if it might be better to make a trip to Bratislava every six months or something.

Where do you work? In Bratislava? Perhaps I could bring my business to your pharmacy, given that you were the one to pass me the information.



Thanks Veronika, you too!


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