Got offer from knpc as operations engineer

hi...i recently got offer from knpc as operations engineer.
pls help me in knowing the job scope of operations engr at knpc.
salary offered is 1470 kd.
how is the it sufficient for 3 members family.

it is more than sufficient.also look for allowances with the package.

thanks for the reply.
they are offering only lumsum salary(all inclusive).
pls tell me what allowances i should ask for.
what is the average cost of living in kuwait per month.
pls let me know operations engr jobscope.


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I too have the same offer from KNpC for project work

1470 KD and no other allowances.

Did you join KnPC.

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Not yet....but thinking
what about you

My visa is under processing.
May take 2 more months to move to Kuwait.
Is your offer through OSSC and did u bargain for any other allowances.

you r from which country....
i just just submitted my medical documents....i dont know how much time it will take for whole process.
r u going for new refinery project...
my offer is all inclusive....tried to negiotite but in vain...
pls tell me yours...

No negotiation. Just lumpsum. Visa process takes min 1.5 months. Mine is delayed bcoz of Ramzan holidays. I m offered New refinery project.

I m frm India. Think u r from Mumbai. I cn give u a call. Give me yr nr. Mine is 9866416574.

Which refinery u will be posted to ???

yes....i am from mumbai...
my no. is 8898854777
u can any time call me...
mine is for new refinery project...

Hi .. i am indian engineer working in mnc in  ksa ...and staying with family,,,
thers are some issues, hence thinking of a changeover..
me too got an secondmnet offer for KNPC..with all incl salary ..I need to know some things.. whether i can travel evry day from knpc refineries till nearest kuwaiti city where i can maintain my family..i hv 2 young daughters ..
also they are offering me single status.. .if u can throw some light on visa formalities,for self and family .. and costs associated will be grateful to you..

Hi [at]jayisin,

First off, everywhere is near in Kuwait if you have a car (60 KM from Kuwait City to Shuaiba refineries or less and 15 KM to the nearest residential areas).

Visa is not a big deal if you have a good pay. For a family of 3 it cost around 1500$ for visas and residency (but for the initial visa only something like 30$). So, if you're getting a good offer (1500 KD or more) just go for it, Kuwait is a nice place to live, catch it before it's no longer so :P

Good luck

Hi guys...plz help me to understand what's OSSC and is offer by OSSC equivalent to offer from KNPC. I am currently offered job by OSSC to work with KNPC as control room operator.
I have been working for 6yrs in Refinery at Jamnagar as manager, as a permanent employee. When I confirmed abt the offer, I was told that it's a permanent job with KNPC. Then y didn't I get offer letter to join KNPC instead of OSSC?
Plz reply as i need to take a decision soon...


As you are engineer they will provide for you a car and the salary what you posted maybe they provide accommodation for you also ticket back to your country and food inside the working site ., and the salary maybe more than what you expect like thera hidden benifits not write in the contract so go a head and proceed

Good luck on working with OSSC, my company taught English to the Kuwaiti security guys who work for that company and what a mess they were. If you have to work with those types of ignorant people you will need all the luck in the world.

KNPC already removed expat .100% kuwaitisation done .now only contract. 2 yr or 3 yr after . pl check appointment from KNPC letter pad or from OSSC

Hi guys. I'm currently looking for a job here in Kuwait and I saw this forum about knpc. Can I ask for help on where did you submitted your application? Please help. Thanks in advance...

Mr. Anand, can u share ur no.. I want to discussed with abt KNPC. my no. 8193937777.



sumit786 :

Mr. Anand, can u share ur no.. I want to discussed with abt KNPC. my no. 8193937777.



For security reasons please do not put personal phone numbers or contact details on an open forum.

Hi kuwait 411,

i hv received the offer OSSC & start the visa process on dt june-14. till now almost 4 month completed bt still not update. my consultant they give us only simple reply process going on. please u hv any idea abt kuwait visa.



nitin 123, I am confuse. I am presently working at KOC, one of KNPC's affiliates. KNPC & KOC's mother company is KPC. KNPC won't hire you unless they know what you do and now you are telling here at expat that you've got an offer from them. And you are asking for the job scope of operations engineer at KNPC. It's logical, KNPC won't offer a job unless  you passed the screening from head to foot. Besides, if you're an engineer, you should know an idea on unit operations. Make sure about it. Kuwaitization is being applied anywhere but if the company feels you will be an asset they disregard it coz they can easily justify it. I'd been there. 5 days a week I pass by KNPC going to my KOC office. Make sure you know what you are asking for.


I got a offer from one of leading company from kuwait. They offered me 1800 KD from all inclusive with single status. I have a 3 member in my family. Is this amount is sufficent to live a decent life in kuwiat and save some amount of saving. My son is 2 yrs old will be go to play school within next 6 month.
What will be the one BHK apartment rent in indian sociecty.

Kindly brief on these point


Hi RAJiv mec,

Can I know for which company of Kuwait you got the job offer letter and who was your agent , how did you receive this job offer letter? Did you gave interview or just direct offer letter?

Dear Sam,

Employer is Kharafi national (PIC). I had a interview and shortlisted.

Mr. Rajivmec

It is very good offer I used to work there so you would love your job also do not worry about your son because here in Kuwait there are many Indian schools and they are quite cheap.

Best of luck brother

Dear KuwaitQ8,

Thanks for your reply. What will be the one BHK apartment for rent in indian resedintial society. I need one health insurance policy which cover medical expense for self and family.  What will be the cost of basic amenities like electricity, telephone, internet charges, transportation  and grocery item , tranportation charges.
I am sorrry so much question .


Dear Friends ,

    I have got a offer from KNPC kuwait as Mechanical Project engineer. Although , my selection was done by cv shortlisting by one agency named saira pacific , but i am not sure whether they are fraud or not. Salary offered is 410 KD and I would be getting offer letter experience letter from KNPC company, but I would be on the pay roll of a third party whos details still the agency has not shared. Now after shortlisting and getting a confirmation letter , they are asking me to come to Jaipur and pay them inital half amount as login fee which is 30k out of 60k.

  Please help me out whetehr it is true or fraud . The agency people told me that they shortlisted my profile from job portal.

Dear sam1190,

Its fraud , wait ,hope you will get some more advise from other members. I never heard that any employer takes money before or after recruiting any employee and I never heard KNPC engineer gets KD 410 , if I am not wrong their salary starts from 1400 or more.

Dear Mr. Rajvmec the electrcity is jncluding with the rent so do not worry about it and transporation they will provide car for you so do not worry about and about grocery there are many indians supermarket like gulf mart lulu hyper market and they are cheap and as long as you are with your society they will help you in everything
Regarding health you can go to public clinic it will cost 1 kd for person with medicines you need

Sam there is no engineer gets 410 in kuwait so be careful and double check about this salary maybe you are mistaken

Even i got same offer from Saira Pacific to KNPC. Even they asked me to pay 30000Rs in advance and remaining 30000Rs after ticket.

i got a mail by saira pacific consultancy from jaipur as i got selected for the post of instrumentation engineer in knpc.
salary of 380kd. The consultancy person asked me to pay 30k before they start visa process.
Is that fake or wat im not getting. Please help me out

Hi...i also got mail from Saira Pacific telling that my CV is selected by KNPC for the post of Instrument & control engineer. I think its a fraud coz no agencies ask for any cash before visa stamping. And also they didnt gave KNPC offer letter.

Dear NairSachin & Viresh951,

    Yeah same here I also go offer from these people, but they are telling its not a knpc who is going to pay us , it would be a third party pay roll. Secondly they are telling that its a bulk posting job where they are hiring various principles for different job roles. I am also not sure can both of you share your nos. So that we can chat if you both are on whats app coz I am going to Jaipur  once i get my rail ticket confirmed and booked.
But secondly they told that they take money only for all these processing of visa, document verification from embassy but and login etc , plus they told me that this 30k login amount is refundable. Their owner is someone name joy varghese , kindly check out nairsachin since you are from kerala and this person is alsoo from kerala.but also tell me who is the concerend person with whom you both dealt with and secondly these peopel told me that basically this agency owner is from bangalore. kindly check if from your sources.
Friends if its fraud lets investigate and contact and cooperate with each other to find out the truth.

Dear sam,
  I am also in same situation ....please send me your number

An agency that asks for money for visas etc is a scam. If the job offer is legitimate all costs are covered by the employer and so you do not have to pay anything.

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